Blocking machine broke

Some people are just so terrible they need to be blocked permanently. Why then only a max limit of 4 months?


Odd. I’m not familiar with these types of websites so I’m unsure if it’s Nelson’s choice or just the type of website so this may or may not be fixed. Also why not just wait till the 4 months expires and just block them again?

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then you have to think about it, and most people don’t like to do that every 4 months.

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yeah, true. Still, instead of blocking people you could try talking to them and resolving whatever problem you have with them. haha

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Wait, can you actually block (ignore) people on the forum?

Yes. (10 char)

Discourse disagrees that permanent blocks are necessary, and I’m inclined to agree with them. If someone needed to be blocked permanently, then:

  • either they probably shouldn’t be on the site,
  • or the person trying to block them has unresolved differences that are irrelevant to the site

Regardless, blocking people is not constructive, especially on a site dedicated to constructive discussion. You have no way of knowing if four months from now if you would still have conflicts with any given person.


Well said, @MoltonMontro, and I’m pretty sure I’m the one they wanted to block permanently as well, and if that is the case then it’s definitely because of irrelevant, unresolved differences unrelated to discussions on Unturned. Not to worry though, as I’ll make sure not to bring up these outside conflicts in normal unturned discussions.

This is very unaustralian


directly related to Unturned and etc.

I guess we’ll have to wait a while before some warning signs come, but otherwise it is a pretty giant inconvenience that I can not perm block people I personally know are here to troll and be unproductive / bait. 4 months from now will not change their personality nor character, and it will be annoying to do this tri-yearly.

no u :^)

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Its still inconvenient to see posts and comments from people that are not in good faith, trolling, like to start shit, or otherwise be a big disturbance to discussion. IE, I’d still like to see a permanent block feature rather than relying on the mods.

Putting it on a limited time frame seems like a makeshift and childish way of promoting someone to forgive and forget, or to fix their problems after the time is up. Its a very strong liberal idea that we can all just sit down and have a talk about it, and the best idea or compromise will rule out, while the entirety of history says the opposite.

Every argument, every disagreement, every war ever waged could have apparently, seemingly conveyed by Molt, been fixed had these people just peacefully resolved their differences. I’m not a big fan of this idea. This is the same exact idea behind Appeasement, and it was a clear failure.

And what I said earlier still holds true.

It is far more benign/neutral/constructive overall to block a troll who is baiting someone, than to be lured in by their bait and start off-topic or worthless discussion. People can be more constructive when they talk with other mutually constructive people, rather than flat out shitposters and memers.

And afterall, when it boils down to it, its my choice to block or ignore somebody. Its my authority to do so. Why take away the authority to permanently block someone? Why not let me choose when I want to unblock them in the future, rather than coercing me to do it on a schedule? Why treat forumers like they’re children? Its plain annoying. Thats all it is.

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That’s not my decision, so I can’t answer that without just repeating what I’ve said previously, which was basically just me telling you Discourse’s opinion on it. You can ask on if you want a more direct answer, and likewise voice your suggestions there.


And it’s not childish to hold a grudge on someone for 4 months without even trying to forgive and forget? If it affects the forums so badly then why not just bury the hatchet? To not is pretty immature to be fair


Being an asshole is subjective.

I think you’re an asshole. But I think you shouldn’t be silenced because you’re the biggest asshole of this forum. I think you still have a right to exist here.

We all know that you want a perma-block system to you can make people who disagree with you or otherwise don’t like shut up under the guise of them being “trolls”. This system you propose would be abused to hell, not just by you, but anyone who wishes to.

You’re just going to have to play nice with people you don’t like. After all, I have to deal with you constantly. Yet, I am not begging for a means to get rid of you.


Forgiving and forgetting is one of the most mature things a person could do; as you are stating that you are not liable to hold grudges and give people 2nd chances.

I’m going to use @Froggo as an example here

The first time I met him was in a call with a bunch of other people doing dumb things (Specifically spawning cat traps).

Now, do I look at this one situation as the entirety of all that Froggo is? No of course not.

After ahem forgiving his dumb decisions (poor SirAdy), I began to learn that this situation was an outlyer, and that he is a person who is prolific in the Unturned mapping scene, something I would not have known if I had just blocked him instantly for his incident.

This isn’t a war room, this is a forum. DM people if you have issues with them and if they still persist in their destructive nature, I am confident that a mod will intervene and resolve the situation.

But maybe the problem might not lie with another person, but perhaps yourself?

While it is true people will not change; but their perspective might.

Oh, like posting this in a meme thread?

The problem here, is like looking into a mirror. You only see what you see yourself as, but the problem with the reflection, is the point of view.


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Forgiving and forgetting is just another way of compromise. Compromises never yield enjoyable results for either party.

The people I block have had multiple chances to redeem themselves and be better people. They have failed various times. I dont block people on a whim, or because they disagree with me. Their second chance is given by me before I block them, and I give way more than one.

With this in mind, I’m going to go ahead and ignore your example thats supposed to make fun of me for supposedly blocking on a whim.

I made a comparable comparison. Enjoy it or dont. You can make fun of the anology all you want. Nations(People) can try diplomacy(talking), but some ideas(sometimes characteristics, behavior) are fundamentally diametrically opposing and incompatible. There is no super-powerful moderator in real life to settle disputes with their awe and perfect decisions.


Implying memes are supposed to be constructive discussions. Thats why likes and such derived from the subforum doesn’t count?

Because its serious, constructive discussion.

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ITT: Rain complains about non-issues and being unable to create his personal echo chamber.
I’d like to have a permanent block feature, but I can see what discourse is going for and am pretty sure that that is a the better solution.


I’m fucking giving up on this forum.