Blocking machine broke


Some people are just so terrible they need to be blocked permanently. Why then only a max limit of 4 months?

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Odd. I’m not familiar with these types of websites so I’m unsure if it’s Nelson’s choice or just the type of website so this may or may not be fixed. Also why not just wait till the 4 months expires and just block them again?

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then you have to think about it, and most people don’t like to do that every 4 months.

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yeah, true. Still, instead of blocking people you could try talking to them and resolving whatever problem you have with them. haha

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Wait, can you actually block (ignore) people on the forum?


Yes. (10 char)


Discourse disagrees that permanent blocks are necessary, and I’m inclined to agree with them. If someone needed to be blocked permanently, then:

  • either they probably shouldn’t be on the site,
  • or the person trying to block them has unresolved differences that are irrelevant to the site

Regardless, blocking people is not constructive, especially on a site dedicated to constructive discussion. You have no way of knowing if four months from now if you would still have conflicts with any given person.


Well said, @MoltonMontro, and I’m pretty sure I’m the one they wanted to block permanently as well, and if that is the case then it’s definitely because of irrelevant, unresolved differences unrelated to discussions on Unturned. Not to worry though, as I’ll make sure not to bring up these outside conflicts in normal unturned discussions.


This is very unaustralian



directly related to Unturned and etc.

I guess we’ll have to wait a while before some warning signs come, but otherwise it is a pretty giant inconvenience that I can not perm block people I personally know are here to troll and be unproductive / bait. 4 months from now will not change their personality nor character, and it will be annoying to do this tri-yearly.

no u :^)