Blog website newsletter


I would love it if it were possible to subscribe to a newsletter on the Blog website. I would love to receive an email the second a new blog post is posted.


You could just have notifications on for any Discord channel that tracks devlogs and updates.

Namely the official Unturned Discord, but other servers have feeds as well.

Actually that’s something I’d like too. I don’t really keep up with Discord since there’s way too much spam going on constantly.

It’s possible to enable notifications for a particular channel, such as the one updates are posted in.

If there’s spam, just mute or leave the servers and channels that spam.

I have like 80% of the servers and channels in my Discord application muted.

While that’s true and it might work it’s just inconvenient since you have to do all that and then keep being logged in to your Discord. I’d rather just get a notification about new email from SDG on my phone. But that’s just a suggestion! I am totally fine with how things are right now.

keep being logged in to your Discord

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you make that sound as if you either share your PC with someone, or you use the browser version.

Also I believe what you’re describing exists in the forum account settings already

Edit: oof, mixed up the forum and the blog, ignore that please

No, I don’t share my PC but I spend most of my time away from it.
Yeah, but that’s for forums not for the blog.

As you can see there’s no way of notifying me about blog posts here.