Bloom VS Recoil

If you remember in Nelson video with the gun, you can see that the aim sight have a bloom in it

Bloom - It’s the radius around the direction your shooting where there’s a random chance for the bullets you shoot to go off, and it spread out when you shoot or move

Recoil - Depending on its function, it can be a pinpoint reticle, but it moves like a gun recoil, or it can be a reticle have a random chance for the bullets you shoot to go off but doesn’t spread out when you shoot or move just like Unturned

The poll below is the vote to see what kind of aim you wish to have in Unturned II

  • Recoil in Unturned II
  • Bloom in Unturned II

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I think you used the wrong word to describe spread.
And there will be both spread and recoil in II. Spread +recoil for hip-fire and recoil for aiming


If UII had unremovable bloom I would not play it.

Bloom halves the skill cap in any game, as aiming no longer matters and its down to the rng gods. I am assuming you mean fortnite esque aim bloom, which is good for that game as it makes it more casual. I dont want to spend a few hours gearing up, get in a 1v1 where I am far more proficient with whatever gun I am using, and then die because the game feels like killing me.

Bloom should only be for hipfire.


i’d rather want my back breaking than pulling out my fucking heart because of bullshit misses

The only case where I would find bloom acceptable would be like a Grizzly, to impose a soft cap to ROF, so you can fire it fast, but shouldn’t when trying to use it accurately.

Besides that, RNG is horrible for deciding if your well aimed shots actually matter.

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I know a way on which we could have best of both worlds, but I’ll develop it better later.

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Mostly recoil. It shouldn’t just be straight up or sideways, but simulate the bloom area as such and the person absorbing the recoils reaction determines how spreed the bullets are. Also on my post on cleaning guns, i think a hidden bloom even while aiming for dirty and damaged guns. Keep your guns in good shape if you want to shoot straight.

So like recoil patterns?
The negative of that would be that each gun would need to be learned, and unturned 2 is probably gonna end up with more guns than games like CSGO with recoil patterns

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Well yes, but Nelson could make it so patterns wouldn’t vary as wildly as in CS’s case. I propose a generic pattern for each gun class (pistol, SMG,…) with each individual gun having its unique slight deviations.

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