Body Combat - WhiteGuns (Melle)

Using like base the game “For Honnor” create by a money vampire called Ubisoft which is focused in a combat Sworld vs Sworld i had the idea of propose a thing similar to unturned.

.this system go work with zombies, guns and hands.

How this go work?!

  • Well to start explain in for honnor you had “3 Bases” to defense and to atack.

see gif behind

And you have

  • fast Atack - Low damage a (click in buttom 1)
  • Power Atack - High damage a (click in buttom 2)
  • Defense breaker and stun - A (click on buttom 3) (Mid on mouse) other click pushes

Detail: Its possible increase atack power on this tree being pressed Key for the longest time.

One atack 2 with high time loading dont have defense to counter.

Adaptation 1st Person

unturned 4.0 you had 1st person. To solve this problem…

  • To evit this problem go need a key [Ctrl] to enter in style melle (ST) combat and to exit.

To evict aimbot with weapons turn impossible shoot in ST

Adaptation (Types of melle)

not every weapon must defend or attack efficiently ‘’(like snipers dont are good weapons in low distances and pistols in long)’’,

because this i invent status.

  • Mobility - How fast the weapon is to atack/defense (in time)
  • Defense breaker - how efficient is to breake the “safe position” (in Numbers)
  • Defense safe - how efficient is to defense the breaker (in Numbers)
  • Attack Ranger - auto explanatory
  • Attack - Final damage (filter enemy armor)

To facility organization this weapons need classified in types

Types of melle
  • Hand and small weapons (Ex:Knife)
    +fast Mobility
    -Low Defense Breaker
    -Low Defense Safer
    -Low Attack Range
    +High Damage (exept Hands)

-Mass (Ex:Baseball bat)
-Low Mobility
+High Defense Breaker
-Avarange Defense Safer
+High Attack Range
-Avarange Damage

-Blade (Ex:Katana)
-Avarange Mobility
-Low Defense Breaker
-High defense Safer
+high Atack Range
+Extreme Damage

  • Mass Blades(Ex Gladio)
    -Low Mobility
    +High Defense Breaker
    -Low Defense Safer
    -Avarange Atack Range
    -High or avarange Damage

  • Long Fire Weapons(Ex Gladio)
    ~variable Mobility
    -No Defense Breaker
    -High Defense Safer
    -Variable Atack Range
    -Extreme Low Damage

If you dont like of part this consider this summary

  • Add styles of White Guns.
  • Add Status (Mobility,Defense Breaker and safer,Atack Range).
  • Add Press for a time to increase damage.
  • Add Mouse 3 pushes enemys.
  • Add option “Change To CombatStyle” pressing key Ctrl when a enemy aprouch.
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I think it would be better if you just posted this in French or whatever and had someone else translate.


Its so hard understand?!


Yes. Very hard.

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I’ve followed For Honor since open beta.

The fighting system there definitely does not belong in Unturned II, at least not without extreme modification.

Even in For Honor itself the system has many problems, including how poorly it handles combat with multiple targets. Needless to say, I’ll pass on the guard breaks and special attacks; we’re supposed to be survivors, not samurai.


The problem is that’s already suggested.

Off topic, but i just noticed that your name, RedComm is short for Red Communist/Red Commie

You just noticed


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