Bot Unread

Typed this on mobile in a hurry at a Korean airport on less than an hour of sleep so forgive me if I make any mistakes.

Molt, would it be possible for you you to make it so that discobot’s automatic closing thing doesn’t trigger a unread topic ? Thanks.

You could just Dm him this.

It shouldn’t be doing this to begin with. What topics is this occurring on?

If it was specifically just with the SDG-sponsored events, it would’ve been due to them being moved into #unturned:u3-announcements or #unturned-4:u4-announcements and you having a “Tracking” watch priority on that category, which is an issue I personally experience.

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Same thing happens for me. When discobot closes a thread, it shows up in my unread box as an unread post. Perhaps it counts it closing as a comment

Edit: I haven’t seen it happen for a couple days so maybe it was fixed, but I dunno.