"Bottom Sky" rant

The sky in unturned is split into 3 colors.

However, “sky bottom” is quite useless as it’s only barely visible when you’re really high off the ground, either flying or on a tall mountain.

This kinda sucks because we can’t create nice tri-color sunsets like this :

Look at that nice fade from orange, into a white-ish color and then into a deep blue.

Here is my proposed solution :
→ Keep “bottom sky”
→ Add option to change height at which each sky color is used
→ This option could be varied with the time of day

This would allow you to put “bottom sky” at the horizon, move “middle sky” up to around 30 degrees above the horizon and keep “top sky” at like 80-ish degrees for dusk, and perhaps dawn too.


Holy shit finally a good post


DAMMMM Danaby masted the dev kit

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I think the “bottom sky” design is something from Minecraft mainly, I like the idea of keeping it while adding variability to it, good idea!

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