Bows and arrows suits the theme

We all know that Unturned II will be focused on survival as much as possible. Which means that it will be harder for players to find weapons, especially in military locations. Despite that maple rifle should be more solid. However, one of the most common and easily designed weapon is the bow. Bows should be given more priority than other weapons because it suits the theme. Nelson should add different types of bows and arrows such as:

Bows: traditional english longbow, flat bow, recurve, mongolian bow, compound bow, and ’crossbow’

Arrows: ’maple arrow’, poison arrow, flaming arrow, ’explosive arrow’, smoke arrow, and stun arrow.

Mongolian-style recurved bows are incrediby hard to make, and require weeks of preperation and refining in order to make a finished product. Not to mention, you’re going to have a hard time trying to find bamboo, horn, sinew, and birchbark. Also, good luck finding the tail feather of a crane or eagle.

Smoke arrows and stun arrows would also be equally unfeasible. Firecrackers don’t really have much of a stun effect, nor can you really tape a flashbang to a shaft. And what about smoke? Any amount of smoke-producing material you tie to an arrow is going to have to be light enough to not affect its flight much, but consequently it’s not going to burn long enough to produce enough smoke, either.


Don’t make a zombie game Into a reallity. The Flash grenade is trash because you have to wait seconds after it hits the ground. Flame arrows doesn’t have to produce smoke, nor should it burn Long enough. The fire will automaticlly spread out on ‘clothings’ if you hit the player.

What part of your statement had anything to do with mine, save the first sentence? Tell me, are you going to make a Mongolian bow that strays from the original? How are you going to be able to have feasible stun and smoke arrows?

The player can choose the difference between arrows, I have never said that some arrows contains more in order to craft it. Here you can see a difference between Mongolias bow and normal:

And you can craft round balls on a arrow with tape, combined chemicals.

Again, in order to have a Mongol bow you’d need to have bamboo, sinew, horn, and birchbark. I’m not saying these are impossible to get, but that it might not be a good idea to add in sinew and horn just for the sake of making a bow.

As much as I like bows, and have posted ideas for bows, I dislike this post.

I like your idea and it definitely suits the theme of 4.0…

But I don’t think we should go that in-depth,1 or 2 types of bows are good in my opinion.


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