Bring back the feature that allowed placing blood splatters easier

Would it be possible to bring back the feature that allowed placing stuff like blood splatters and graffiti a lot easier. I don’t know the term for it but it worked similar to hole volume from the old devkit anything inside of the box would have the graffiti or blood on it it made for nicer look detail in maps and made it a lot easier for placing blood and graffiti on slanted surfaces or surfaces that curved




And make blood splatters appear on player-built structures. Recently that was done for the impact holes, so why wouldn’t the blood splatters receive the same treatment?

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I join my voice to my friend DBAM. please fix it :+1:

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Shit suggestion. -rep

Change your graphic setting called “Forward mode” to “Deferred” mode.


This feature has not been removed.

As helpfully mentioned by @Elliot, you need to use the Deferred render mode. You can change your render mode from your Graphics settings.

thanks @elliot and molton for the help

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Perhaps you happen to know why a lot of graphical features were made to only support deferred render mode? To me personally forward mode is superior both visually and performance-wise

Forward cannot do all of same things. But it’s available for older or lower-end machines that cannot run deferred without significant performance issues (if at all).

Who the hell are you.

it didnt fix the problem

as you see the problem is that they arnt snapping onto the objects still they just float

Then this decal doesn’t use surface tension

Is there any way to increase object lod at short distances on deferred mode? I keep using forward because it doesnt crush objects into low-poly mess at a distance of 10 meters and the way it works with lighting is also better

Ask the creator of that Blood Splatter decal (Nardo) he’ll probably fix that object

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