Bring Pistol attachments back like 2.0!

Bring barrel / tactical / Sight attachments back to pistols like Desert falcon with a tactical and maybe a surpressor or a avenger with dot sight the cool stuff we had in 2.0 come on bring it back

What. Pistols do have attachments, but only ones that make sense. I don’t want 16xs on Aces.

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I do want a low-powered scope on my Falcon tho.
Maybe a chevron?

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That’s why we have a Ace with a 8x scope :wink:

Who cares about how absurd our pistols looks. We have shotguns that can take 16x Scope and Bipod


This ^^^^

It’d be nice to have some wacky gun customization, depending on how intricate 4.0 wants to go with it. I had a post a while ago talking about this.

Maybe you could put a stock and a longer barrel onto an Ace, or put a 16x scope and a bipod on a colt. Stuff of that nature.
I’m probably taking it too far, but it’d be nice to have the more unrestricted customization of 2.0 back. Some things should still be restricted for balancing reasons, but for the most part I think you should be able to put what you want, on what you want. I want to put a bipod on my Cobra.

whoever sees putting a suppressor on a falcon as a good idea must want to see the world BURN

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Oyamat, you can only get the scoped ace on Russia after hours of grinding, and it is not a different weapon from the vanilla ace, so you can’t spawn it in.

Weapons in 4.X are planned to have multiple attachment systems, and converters between those systems, so it might be possible to put any scope on any gun, provided you go out of your way to do so.

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bring back 16x on ace please

but that’s only available in Russia…

These are 4-month necroposts over a joke about how it isn’t a 16x Scope. If you’re going to necropost, why couldn’t it have been relevant to the actual post, and not half of a joke? :frowning:


I was looking threw top posts and came across this and my half asleep ass thought it was a new post…

not a bad idea, it might have to be nerfed. say you have to have special pistol only attachments like a red dot/reflex for sight and pistol supresser of compensator

Next time you’re about to give feedback on something, take a moment to look at how old the post is

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