British Isles Sneak Preview #5

Hello, me and the team have been working hard on the map, and I decided to share the progress on British Isles since I last posted on the forums.

Cardiff, with it’s museum in the background

Land’s End, Cornwall. The southeastern-most point in Britain.

The village of Cambridge, England

Border Checkpoint south of Livingston, Scotland

The southern-most Scottish city represented in the map, Dumfries

A remake of an old screenshot

An area of the map known locally as “The Scourge”. Known for it’s bizarre carnivorous fungal growths and occasional portal into the nth dimension.

A top secret facility underneath The Scourge

That’s all for this time! Even if I don’t make many posts, rest assured that the map is still being worked on almost daily, with bugtesting being conducted at all stages of production.


@Romelete 'ate zombes, 'ate 'pocalipse, 'luv nugbu, simple as

In all seriousness though, nice map and when’s it coming out?


Thank you. I don’t like to make deadlines for this project since that can lead to me getting burned out quickly, but I’m hoping before next year.



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