British Isles Sneak Preview #6

Hello, since last post, I have added two new members to the team, NuclearPotato and @Azzaholic , who are making ambience and furniture respectively.

Burley Witch Festival, Southwest England

???, Southern England

Outskirts of London, Southeast England

HM Coast Guard Station near Norwich, East England

The largest station in the map, this facility overlooks the opening to the Thames River, making it the closest dock to the Maunsell Forts.

Manchester, Northwest England

Leeds, Yorkshire

This area is still WIP and I would love to hear from the community about ways in which I could improve it!

That’s all for this time, please remember that all of the images I have shown thus far are work in progress, and may not look like they do here when the map is released. Thank you all for sticking by me in the production of this map!


pog nuclearpatato is back

Really cool. I love seeing updates on this project.


Thank you!

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Damn I like the detail to everything

Especially Leeds, Very nice deadzone


Great looking map!

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Thank you both

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Very beautiful

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thank you!

That destroyed or deadzonish place’s mist in the air and goo on the ground should be changed to a greenish shade as other colors give it a puke like appearance. Other wise great map with cool structures.

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I actually like the color scheme for the toxic area, it kinda makes it feel more unique and differentiates it from most burnt/toxic deadzones. I really like the attention to detail with all the updates on the map and it looks amazing. I cant wait for its release!


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