Broken map files

Don’t know if anyone is really able to help me with this considering the severity of my issue.
About 3 days ago I had to uninstall and reinstall windows since my internet wasn’t working. That for some reason also deleted all of my files, which included some map files that I had been working on for months. With some file recovery software I’ve managed to get them back. But the entire map is broken.

It also seems to be missing some other important files such as level.hierarchy and the Landscape folder. I dont know if these files get saved somewhere else in unturned or the files got bugged and I’m just screwed.

It sounds like those files just weren’t recovered properly, in which case you’re out of luck.


There is a very early version of this map that I uploaded to the workshop. I don’t have the map files but I’m still able to edit it. Is there a way that I can upload edited versions of the map to the workshop?

Which map files – the early version uploaded to the Workshop? Which edited versions of your map – presumably edits of the early version on the Workshop?

If you’re able to edit it, then you have the map files. Even if you didn’t have the Workshop files, you could just subscribe to that early version, and then you’d have them. I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking for here.

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