Buff the Halloween holiday override

So im sure almost everyone loves Halloween and I think Alpha Valley Arena is looks great! its fully decorated, what im saying is id like if more maps had this level of decoration (if not more), Christmas puts Halloween to shame! but Halloween could look awesome!

some ideas I have.
-more Halloween decorations in towns and cities
-maybe have dusk lighting be more spooky and frightful
-grass with a more October feel to it (Excluding Yukon)
-make the moon look spooky! (could apply to every map not just official)
-some zombies have Costumes on (with chance for drop and act like normal clothing)

Halloween is such a cool holiday, and id love to hear anymore suggestions any of you have

(also off topic but id like of Germany had Christmas to some degree)


This 100% for PEI. PEI already has Halloween materials made for it, so they should get used these days to automate the return of halloween PEI.

I think currently the main thing holding back the Halloween stuff is that the lighting doesn’t get a seasonal update. If we get a more supped up Halloween, having a lighting override would go a long way in making the maps feel more spooky.


yes, it would be amazing if Halloween PEI could come back in fulll (though maybe the water level being changed is a bit much? not sure)

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We have to be mindful that certain visual/gameplay changes can be more of an annoyance than a fun gimmick. E.g., the gift presents during the Festive event. I’m unsure how players felt about the water level being different on Halloween PEI, but back then it was an entirely separate map anyways.


For me, the water level change in Halloween PEI felt like an oversight that happened when creating the map. The gameplay changes it offered weren’t that crazy and it could probably be safely removed in favour of it even existing. I would be more than happy to just have regular PEI with the materials, lighting and ambience for the season.


It’s been years since I played it (duh!) but I always enjoyed that aspect, anything that changes how the maps play is great.


Events like the April fools day actually suck and is good it was totally removed (it could be implemented better too), but map seasons like when is Winter is really lovely, and personally always wanted to see Halloween PEI come back, is just so different and special

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I think most people in the community want Halloween PEI to come back in at least some capacity, its really a shame the only big event in game is Christmas.

I think Halloween Washington would be amazing as well

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