Buff the Swissgewehr Magazine

So the Swissgewehr is kinda… Meh at best (except for on yukon) and Having an inferior Military magazine by default is not helping it at all. The fact it can use the Military Magazines at all basically makes the default magazine in it a nerf for no real reason when the gun is already kinda bad.

Now, im not suggesting buff the swiss, im saying buff its Magazine so it better
Compared to the default military magazine, This would make a neat tradeoff of ammo capacity for a quicker gun in all the guns that accept military magazines. and would not be too drastic of a buff to make it unfit for Yukon.

Also to reflect the fact that the Swissgewehr Magazine works in Military magazine compatible guns, It might be better to also rename the Swissgewehr Magazine to help reduce confusion for players (as well as let the player know the Swissgewehr can use other military magazines)


Curated map California has an item called “polymer magazine”. It’s a magazine made of polymer instead of steel or plastic (as the name says). It has the same capacity but faster reloading time.

And you probably already guessed it - I suggest renaming the subject of this post to “polymer magazine”, like on California, because it would fit the look of it (they look roughly the same).


Good suggestion, while at it - i think something could be done about Fragmentation and Tracer magazines as well


if other magazines are being changed, it would also be interesting to make every military and ranger magazine have its own unique speed that feels fitting for its ammo count (though I think the swiss magazine should be faster then the frag or tracer one as its just small with no ability)

I think one of the best things that could be done for the fragmentation and tracer magazines would be make them more available as well


Swiss just needs a buff in general. It doesn’t have much more damaged than the heartbreaker and limited to only being semi. If it was a 2 hit headshot kill with a 100 round magazine attachment, the gun would be a lot more useable

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it can already use the Military Drum

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I like the idea of a buff to the Swissgewehr, but don’t see the point of doing it to the mag. Why not just buff the Swissgewehr, and make it take regular military mags?

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I am entirely open to buffing both, But the Swissgewehr mag IS a military magazine just with 20 bullet capacity instead of 30

You can swap ammo between “Swissgewehr Magazine”, “Military Drum” and “Military Magazine” Freely

The Swissgewehr is able to accept all “Military Magazine” type magazines

And every “Military Magazine” accepting gun can accept the “Swissgewehr Magazine”

My case, the “Military Drum” is slower compared to the “Military Magazine” because it has more ammo capacity, the “Swissgewehr Magazine” has a smaller ammo capacity, so naturally it should be faster (but its not). It should also be renamed to help clear up confusion. @Elliot made a good suggestion of calling it “Polymer Magazine” (though I think calling it “Military Polymer Magazine” might be even more clear).
a Different kind of buff could be interesting as well, it doesn’t have to be speed.

Just to show you how boringly different both magazines are in comparison, here is LITTERALLY EVERY SINGLE DIFFERENCE in the .dat file
“Swissgewehr Magazine” stats on left, “Military Magazine” on right

GUID 41bd2b68446e497caed8954aba3b8f9c / dbfb1d0d11ca438e9dffb95f76e61274
ID 1490 / 6
Amount 20 / 30
Count_Max 15 / 25
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I feel like it would be better removed, other games have proved that really lesser round magazines being faster doesn’t justify using them at all, unless they’re incredibly fast which in every case has been completely and utterly broken, I feel they’d be better just gone and the Swiss spawning with normal military magazines


alternatively I am also ok with the “Swissgewehr Magazine” being entirely segregated to Yukon
This would also open the Swissgewehr up to bigger buffs, and the “Swissgewehr Magazine” could be debuffed so that the Swissgewehr is more useful on non yukon maps, without being overpowered on Yukon.
Example: Increasing the Damage of the Swissgewehr, but the magazine itself reduces the damage, so the Swissgewehr is better on every map, but stays roughly the same on Yukon

it could easily be done with just removing this line

Magazine 1490

and replacing it with

Magazine 6
Magazine_Replacements 1
Magazine_Replacement_0_Map Yukon
Magazine_Replacement_0_ID 1490

and replacing any spawn tables that have the “Swissgewehr Magazine” with the “Military Magazine” (with the exception of mega zombies spawn table on Yukon)

I know the pointlesness of the swissgewehr magazine being different from the normal military one. I don’t see the purpose of making a convolluted magazine buff system just for the swissgewehr. The magazine would be nigh unobtainable on most official maps (Washington, PEI, and Russia), because they only spawn in carepackages on those maps. Plus, regardless of how rare they are, noone would use them. Drums are still meta, and any speed buff is dwarfed by the ability to carry 5x the ammo in one drum.

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