[Bug] Alive/dead system break the game

Hi there, i’ve been working on a system with the alive/dead system and the bug is the following:
When i use 9 sections (from 0 to 8) and put the object in a map, the map simply do not load and stay in the loading indefinitely, (8 sections works well (0->7) ,
Capture d’écran 2023-09-06 143434
i mean first of all if its not supported i guess that it should be just ignored and load the map and secondly i wanna ask for more sections if it is possible because that system is the more complete thing i could ever saw for lot of systems in unturned if you could fix the limit to 15 or 20 or even more it could be very very cool.


it’s a limit set at 8 for some reason


I mean it could be cool if we have more than that

yes, it could.