BUG?: Militia_Russia_Magazines contains "Viper", should probably be "Viper_25" instead

I happened to stumble upon this oddity while browsing through the spawn tables. Apparently, militia locations in Russia will not spawn Viper magazines, but spawn Vipers instead of them. The Militia_Russia_Guns table contains the Viper spawn as it should, which eliminates the possibility that the spawns were mixed up.


It’s normal.

The militia items spawn on Russian maps are replaced by guns that use military ammunition.(Dragonfang, Eaglefire, Cobra, Sabertooth) It also includes Viper. (But Rocket launcher is still classified as a militia item.)

You missed my point. I know the militia locations spawn weapons using military ammunition, but every one of those has a separate magazine attachment which can spawn. The Viper spawn exists BOTH in the Militia_Russia_Guns and Militia_Russia_Magazines tables, which is weird since every other in the _Guns gun has a magazine spawn in the _Magazines table

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Interesting how it took so long for anybody to notice this.