[Bug] NPC Rich Text Modifiers Half Working

I’m making an NPC right now that uses Rich Text to make the messages look better. However, I’ve run into an issue:

When you let the NPC gradually load the message it doesn’t apply certain Rich Text Features and leaves a portion of the modifiers at the beginning of the message

For example, “<align=center><color=white><size=125%> Ah, welcome, welcome”
Should look like this:
In fact, this is what happens when you force load the message using F

However, if you let it gradually load it turns out like this:

The Color modifier seems to work but leaves a “te>” at the beginning; the align modifier doesn’t work at all and doesn’t leave anything; and the size modifier works yet leaves a “5%>” at the beginning

Both NPC Names and Responses work perfectly fine, so I’m assuming it’s something wrong with how the gradual loading of Messages interacts with Rich Text

Just wanted to follow-up to say that we’ve made a GitHub issue for this, viewable here: NPC Text Animation "animated talking" doesn't parse some rich text · Issue #4428 · SmartlyDressedGames/Unturned-3.x-Community · GitHub

Thank you so much

There is now a fix related to this issue (<tags> appearing in the message) on our private build for next update. :slight_smile:

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