BUG REPORT: Interact with lasers and lights while typing in chat

You can interact with the attachments while typing in chat. So if you accidently press the bottom, your laser/light will turn off without you to notice it. Only from the sound.


This would be something someone would ask to remove than add, i dont really understand the point or intent of this suggestion , this would be hella annoying. also what do you mean by only from sound.
This is what i understood from what you said, i hope i understood you perfectly

There is a small sound when you turn on/ off the laser.

Why would you want that. It does not make any sense, neither gameplay nor realism would benefit.


That’s a bug report, retarderinio

And I say that should be fixed. - iq

You better fix your english then retarderino

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That may be what you meant, certainly not what you said tho. In hindsight I should have checked the categories. Still tho, glass house and all that.

Now watch him flag that as a personal attack

Hey i think you should change the title of this as i mistook it for a feature suggestion, could you please do that?

Nah we are all just stupid and he is ascended

This bug has been fixed anyway, so no need to continue this discussion.

Bug fixed. Thanks!