[BUG] Shooting a dual-handed weapon while driving

I found a bug where you can drive around with your gun equipped, I know this would be implemented for handguns, but a sniper isn’t that realistic.

When you equip the weapon before you enter the vehicle and then go inside the vehicle, you can drive with your dual-handed weapon equipped.
This means you can shoot with a dual-handed weapon while driving, which is impossible.

Click this to see a preview of the bug.

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Yes, you can see 3 arms in the provided video.

Drive by sniping

Fuckin sellers won’t know what hit them


You now don’t need a buddy for doing a drive by.


Looks like more of an oversight than a bug. Making two-handed weapons automatically holster when entering a car is an important detail, but probably not important enough to warrant it being added before more important stuff.


Nelson probably wants to restrict it to one handed guns after a while. But not right now i guess.

The limitation that prevents you from using a two-handed weapon as a driver has not been implemented yet (similar to how it was a while before Nelson added proper limits to magazine capacity).

While it is a valid concern, Nelson has been aware of it for months now and will likely get around to fixing it once he’s done with other higher priority implementations.

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