Bug that allows you to skip the reload animation

If you press R then re-requip the gun, you can skip the reloading animation and go back to pew pew


Reloading for now only plays an animation and switches your current magazine.
You don’t have to re-equip your gun, you could just press R and start shooting immediately.

Bug already reported.


The video title tho


This is literally turning into CSGO when it first came out lol. With everyone switching to and from weapons non-stop, pretending to look cool… fml

It is work in progress and a lot of things you see are placeholders and not finished yet

Yes but stuff like this is gamebreaking and needs to be fixed ASAP nonetheless

Considering that the game is not even close to releasing i dont think there is much they can break , they will be replaced when the time comes right now isnt that time if you ask me

Actually I am inclined to agree with you. We are currently at a Pre-Alpha Demo. I guess there is no need to focus on pvp related stuffs before even the CBT, but don’t you think stuff like this will harm pve play or the general experience of testers?

hacker man

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We used to have Escape from Unturnov, now we have Counter Strike Global Unturned with this bug lol

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