Bug that is in concerns of being used to create ESP

According to some people that I watch on youtube, some aspects of ESP are that players will have an outline of either white or red in which their nametag will also appear over their heads. I believe I have found the bug that may have been used for the creation of that which is when someone leaves a vehicle but another is looking in third person at the vehicle they can see the person from the side angles walking away. The person walking away will also have a red outline to them for as long as the person continues to look at the vehicle which includes going through hills and will appear until death. When the person quits looking at the vehicle in third person is when the red outline ultimately disappears.


That sounds like something Nelson would do, yes. Try and replicate it if you can, better yet show it in a video. Post it on GitHub (and email him before you do).


Yeah it’s a pretty old bug. Also you should move that to the Unturned category.

lol how did I end up in the unturned 2 category

I found a bug that I made into a video 9 months ago where you can keep the outline that vehicles created on a player. nelson did fix it to be less abuseable though by fixing the method I found. :+1:

Ye my friend showed me this glitch about like 3-6 months ago

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