Bug that's been big nasty to me

Whenever I’m working on materials for a map, I sometimes mess up and have to press ctrl z to undo that. That sometimes leads to it doing… something? Basically it saves the materials that are already put down to preview baked off, and then turning it back on lowers the quality/manually placed materials.

Original materials that have been made to look like this with preview baked off:

Preview baked on. This is what you would see when playing the map, or with the materials fully rendered.

Please, if this is something able to be fixed, please fix it. This has happened three times now, and I haven’t been able to fix it in the latest iteration of this bug.

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If you want to paint all the materials yourself, you should turn the sliders so it doesnt automatically generate.

That has nothing to do with this post


Your talking about the ground materials, correct?