Bug With Dowloading Game

Hey, so I’m trying to download the game and it gets about 70-80% done when it gives me a disk write error about a foliage under the Germany map I think. I’ve tried to verify the integrity of the game files, didn’t work. I can give a screenshot if need be. Someone please help, I’d really like to play the game

The first thing I’d recommend is a clean reinstall complete with the clearing of residual files in between the uninstall and reinstall. To be 100% sure you can verify the cache after this as well.

If that doesn’t work, check your drivers are up to date.

alt+f4 image

Delete the folder called “Program Files x86”

do exactly what me and redcomm said. Its a gaurentee fix for sure

Yeah, and you’ll never have to worry about your computer breaking down ever again.


Please, while you’re at it, open up your PC and look for two rectangular “sticks” plugged into your computer. These can actually contain a very malicious virus that might be your issue, so during the install make sure you just take them out as quickly as you can.

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Hey, sorry for the late reply but I finally got around to trying the game again. I got the error again. Here’s a screenshot. I am installing it to a USB by the way, is that a problem for the game?