Buggy Workshop mod corrupt your world/level?

Hi there I have a server with 13 workshop mods on it and it wont run because the level is bugged(i believe) is there any chance that a workshop mod makes a map unplayable? How can I fix/Investigate?
Thanks in advance

I don’t think it’s impossible.
If the workshop mod is too outdated or it’s corrupted, i would expect that having the game and server clients try to load something that is corrupt, would crash themselves.

I’m not an expert when it comes to mods, i don’t mod games outside of MC, but perhaps you can track down which mod is causing the issue. Maybe a debug log from the server or just looking at the workshop pages for each of the workshop mods, see which one has an older “last updated” date.

When you find the mod, remove it, see if it helps. If it doesn’t, do the same thing with all the 13 mods. It’s a little time-consuming, but it’s easy and a surefire way to fix it.

If it keeps crashing after you’ve gone through all 13 mods, try disabling all of them. If the server still doesn’t boot up, then your server itself is corrupted.

In that case, try deleting the world, but keep the other data. Player loot, ranks and currencies, workshop mods, player ban lists and whitelists, plugins etc.

If that too doesn’t fix it, an entirely fresh server.

Again, i’m not an expert, i’m going by common PC and game-related troubleshooting steps that are proven to work, there may be other aspects to hosting an Unturned server that i’m not familiar with.

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