Bugs I've encountered on console

Bugs I’ve encountered so far:

  1. Items spawn inside of the layers holding them ie. a flare inside the shelf
  2. Can’t pick up items in splitscreen mode
  3. Can’t manipulate the map in the information tab (zoom in or navigate even with the chart)

So far I REALLY like the game I just think it needs to be touched up a tad.

Bugs found in Unturned PS4/PS5 Edition

1: Gas Canisters when between empty and full can ghost stack in the inventory, Causing items and slots to be uninteractable and has caused framerate drops and crashes (can be replicated, Medium priority recommendation)

2: Exploit, Carjacking a heavy vehicle onto another heavy vehicle while inside will allow players to mesh underground, (can be replicated, High priority recommendation)

3: Bug, Items dalling through mesh when their container is destroyed (results in clipping into indestructibles, Can be replicated, Low priority recommendation)

4: Exploit, Duplication glitch with 1x1 items, Car batteries when stacked (Only replicated when I had high ping) could be scrapped infinitely, Only managed to replicate once on a private server but can be an issue (Can be replicated, High priotity recommendation)

5: Bug, When being force disconnected from a server due to connection, Placeable items (structures and barricades) become not only invisible but not there in your perspective and can be shot through without repurcussions, (Can be replicated on desynced vehicles, Low priority recommendation)

I have many more bugs to list, Most importantly an issue with all medium maps, On console their performance is unplayable at the moment due to lighting issues, The game runs around 15-20 fps and cannot be played efficiently, Causing a large spike in russia and germany map playerbase

we need a dedicated page for exploits and bug fixing :slight_smile:

Bug, Airdrops on console do not drop loot, Have reached them first and had them land infront and on top of me and i’ve tested with around 17 airdrops now, Nothing at all

On russia this results in it being impossible to obtain a bluntforce without completing the Liberator police officer’s questline, And on other maps makes it impossible to obtain high tier loot outside of the DZ

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