Bugs that appear after the update3.23.12

1: Serious: If an NPC will give a reward in a conversation, then pressing F quickly while conducting his conversation will earn the reward multiple times(idk what it works. This is information from others)
2: Running after drawing the gun will not load the gun pulling gun animation
3: The Chinese and Japanese on the sign become “口”
4: Plugins for most servers are no longer available
5: When entering the city, the game will have nearly twice the frame rate lower than in the wild, which was not available before(bug?)
Because a translator is used, the content can be a bit difficult to understand:(
Any other bugs?


Unturned moved the NPC underlying code again, right? Now (NPCs in the workshop map) there are many bugs, and they are all serious, such as unlimited swipes of items to choose the ending multiple times. We need a repair tool to fix these.
Gun Pulling Animation Issues: You can shoot when the animation is not complete, and you can run to cancel the animation when the animation is not completed. It is suspected that other animations have also gone wrong

+We’ve found that rewards claimed through conversations can be earned multiple times

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