Bugs with scope qual on (still a thing)

hey i have addressed these problems many times but they still not fixed;

  1. when scope qual is on the dynamic hitmarkers dont line up with where the shot lands when aiming down a scope
  2. the colours of the scope at night are really wierd (this only happens when scope quality is on)
  3. any scope quality other than high or ultra are useless because they blur the inside of the scope when aiming down it. make it so it blurs the outside of the scope when aiming and the actually scope when you aren’t aiming
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Wish I could help. I don’t know

this is a universal problem with unturned that nelson needs to fix.

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its done for the graphics card
besides, you always have the iron sights


These are supposed to be there.

  1. Is called BULLET DROP
  2. I’ve never noticed anything like this.
  3. This is supposed to help your computer.

Assuming the first issue mentioned isn’t just bullet drop, I’m not familiar with any of these issues. This makes me believe Pesky is right about it being a hardware-related issue of some sort.

Providing more information would be useful, as it seems it’s not universal.

It is called bullet drop. And when in scope quality off the hitmarkers in dynamic line up perfectly with the bullet drop, but in scope quality on the dynamic hitmarkers appear as if you aren’t aiming down a scope when you actually are

well it is

obviously but it would be more helpful if it pixelated the part you aren’t primarily looking at

no it is bullet drop. the bullet drop and other forms of things (such as bullet travel and then moving your cross hair) makes the dynarmic hitmarkers not show where the bullet actually lands. instead it shows up where it lands if you were not looking down your scope even if you are

this completely misses the problem. Scope quality off is perfectly fine, but when you turn scope quality on it causes all of the above problems.

The colour thing isn’t just me. all of my friends have this problem. The only thing that even has a chance of being only me is the dynamic hitmarkers. But i’m pretty sure if you test it ur self (bullet drop on, scope quality on and dynamic hitmarkers on) and shoot at a tree the dynamic hitmarker will not show up where the bullet lands on the tree (it will show up above where the shot lands)

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So you are complaining about the fact that you cant see hitmarkers while aimed down a scope?

no, I can see the hitmarkers fine
but when they are on dynamic setting they dont line up to where the bullet actually lands. this is extremely disorienting. i’m suggesting nelson fix this oversight

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What happens is that, when ADS-ing and using dynamic hitmarkers, the hitmarkers look like they’re moving with the recoil. They initially do show up where it hit, but subsequent shots with a high-recoil weapon (or something like the Eaglefire’s burst) will make it look like they’re moving with the recoil, and it’ll look like a trail.

I’m going to assume that this can’t be fixed, because it’s actually not deviating from its initial position. What’s happening is that the hitmarker is being placed in respect to where it landed, which does not look the same when you ADS and have a different FOV compared to your normal FOV.

I believe this is an issue with the way magnification is handled, and not the hitmarkers. If you shoot a shot while ADS and scoped, and put your finger on where the hitmarker should land, and then quickly unscope after firing, you’ll see that the hitmarker (despite looking like it moved up due to the recoil) did not move at all, and is exactly where it should’ve been. Or, if you shoot and then swing wildly a different direction and unscope, you’ll see that before and after unscoping the hitmarker will still be at the same spot on your screen (assuming you stopped moving the camera right before unscoping).

And that’s because the hitmarker is, in fact, not moving. It’s just showing the hitmarker based on screen space for your normal FOV, not the scope’s. It’s a screen effect.

this is exactly the problem. in normal scope quality off the hitmarker will show based off the scope magnification but when scope quality is on it will be innaccurate to the scope. this makes firing very difficult when scope qual on

I think this should be fixed, as i would love to use scope quality on but this dynamic hitmarker problem really disorients me, forcing me to use the aesthetically worse scope quality off

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why does it bother you? it is a very minor problem, i don’t think it warrants an entire thread complaining about it

well its not a massive problem but these things really ruin the ability to use scope quality on, and are bugs and as such should be fixed.

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When scope quality is off, it should only be rendering one thing (unlike when scope quality is on and its dual-rendering).

Again, I’m assuming this is probably not fixable because of that.

yea but it would be nice to see this fixed, possibly in unturned II mabye?

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