Build Snapping System

Grid-based Snapping System for Building

So, basically what I’m trying to get out there is an idea for the building system that could possibly be updated in 4.x. It would greatly improve the building structure and ease the tentions and pain of having to take the time to precisely place objects next to each other without cliiping or weird angles. In the game, there would be new key bindings in the control settings that you can assign to your preference, and maybe a new tab for building settings. So say you could choose the snapping angels, rotation, orientation, etc. like you can with the admin/OP/cheat way of using the developer type build. This could allow players to have a more decent play style and reduce the amount of time it would take to perfect their base. I would love to use this system in the game as I myself am an OCD freak and get very annoyed by the way I place things down like lockers and gun racks. Did I forget to mention that in the build settings you can disable or enable the snapping or use a key binding to turn it on and off. Please Nelson take this into consideration and hopefully add this system into 4.x.

Simplefied Ideas

  • Enable or disable snapping within’ the settings or a key bind.
  • Choose preferred snapping angles and orientation in settings.
  • Add this to lockers, gun racks, cabinets, crates, etc.
  • Lamps, cagelights, and other wall mounted lights can snap on to pillars, posts, walls, etc.

I rage when my counters don’t fit together…

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