Buildables and their effects

Dear Nelson,
I was a owner of a pretty nice RP server. Server hosting was a awesome experience.
But later on things were getting difficult. The server was lagging more and more.
When I was walking around on the map and searching in the files what could possible be the cause of the problem.
I came up to something. Its the Buildables. For example: you are walking into seattle (Washington) in a pvp server. Most people experience lower fps. Why? Because of makeshift plates and other buildables. That people use for cover and leave there. The point that I wan’t to make clear is try to find a method to give buildables a smaller impact on the server performance. You can try it yourself. Install some plugins on your server. Have 24 people on it and let them have some bases. The server will shutdown around 8 times a day.

Outside this I have a suggestion related to the problem described above
-Make flying buildables impossible. For example: Your building/base needs to be connected to the map to stay in tact.

Thats the only problem I really had in Unturned.
Have a nice day!

El Chappo (1.4K playing hours)

tl;dr: Stability system

This has been suggested many times, and I would support a stability system. Frankly the main issue for you seems to be performance. Nelson’s #1 priority with 4.0 is optimization, so it will get a lot better, especially given he’s completely rewriting the game code from the ground up.


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