Bulding System

It would be nice to have a somewhat different build system than how it is handled in almost every survival game. My idea is to have a more realistic construction system. Example: To build a brick house, you need to find the specific material, and then be able to join them one by one, and therefore with many other materials. I don’t know how efficient it would be, but I think it would make the game more realistic.


A master building item is already confirmed for future implementation, comparable to for example, Rust’s Building Plan item.

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If you are suggesting construction should involve individually placing bricks, planks, etc one by one, sure it would be realistic but it would also be absurdly tedious. Realism for the sake of realism is bad - I don’t think this would do much more than annoy people who might already have the materials they need to construct something. It would also probably pose a significantly more complex challenge for Nelson to code and optimize, all for negligible benefit.

Being able to place items like individual planks or sandbags in free-form (such as to fortify windows) might be more suitable and versatile from a gameplay standpoint. I also like the vaguely implied idea of composite materials that involve multiple material types in combination to make a stronger structure.


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house complete

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to build a base you should require a irl crane and a degree in architecture and you must gather every rock to create a wall made of rock and then accurately place each rock or else your house will fall if one is misplaced


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