Bump Firing

We need Bumpfire in unturned 2 as this powerful special fire move for semiautomatic pistols and rifles, what i mean by this is with you fingers and not a stock attachment, this can be a special move r attack perhaps obtained as a skill from an npc, as a quest reward or from a rare book or note.

however this should only usable from the hip(this is a trade off to prevent it becoming OP), next it should have extremely horrific recoil, allowing you to only use this in cramped or narrow passages furthermore this should have a very high fire rate making you run out of ammo easily. This is very useful when you are jumped by a bunch of zombies in an enclosed space and need a quick
way to get rid of the zombies.



Not a soliders gun eh?

Well no its more for folks who have a semi auto pistol or rifle and want some pseudo automatic fire.


Full length guide rod

I think its kinda weird… If u have semi, u have to click fast, you dont need a special move, something like that doesnt fits on unturned in my opinion


Kinda feel like this wouldn´t be used very much, if at all. It is a really neat idea tho, and I am curios as to how it would look like. But in my opinion, if I encounter someone in a CQC scenario I will either use something automatic or just start clicking the mouse button so fast I would break it.

Something that could come out of this, is you could have different attachments that increase your fire rate.

yeah true we could get a a lighter or heavier bolt to increase or decrease fire rates yeah that’s a great idea. Well i suggested this for the pure “cool” factor, i recently saw a clip from a movie with this i think it was sicario so i just thought of suggesting a feature

I mean, steam workshop exists…so there is always a possibility

I feel like something like this would be good as an unlockable skill. Not very useful for some wide open maps, but if it’s early game and you’re in a tight space I think this would be useful.


It would be really interesting if we had like a skill tree to unlock these kinds of things

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Yeah that would be really great, instead of the current system, so you would have skills local to each server

Heres a video explaining it

would it work with a rocket launcher tho

well if it semi automatic and has a large magazine and a light trigger which doesn’t require too much strength to manipulate it, but considering that most launchers dont have these qualities so no.


As those are pretty much always recoilles the answer is no

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