Bunker #1 death barrier

Can someone explain how bunker #1 death barrier works and how to put it on custom objects in unity?

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If I understood you correctly, you mean kill volume. If so, here’s a tutorial for you:

this is what I mean


You mean the kill volume then.

it is an inobject fixed death barrier not a kill zone

Death barrier, means Kill volume.

Theyre essentially the same thing. Nobody here is going to tell you any different

Unless its refering to some sort of collision that doesnt really affect much.

iirc and I may not, the death barriers are just outside of the bunker walls to prevent people from glitching outside of the map.

Most likely they are, because this update ( came out after Russia’s release (which was a update), and it probably fixed bugs in Russia’s bunkers.

They are killvolumes, but they are attached to the object. My boys and I have been trying to figure it out for a while now @Fin, once we do I can pm you about it.


Got tired of trying to figure it out so I just emailed Nelson, and he responded. “Right now they’re part of the Triggers prefab. If you attach a script called Barrier to a collider in there similar to the mod hooks scripts it (probably?) works” He’s opening up an issue though on the github to make it easier. https://github.com/SmartlyDressedGames/Unturned-3.x-Community/issues/875


is it something like this or…
also is this script inside clip nav or object itself?

From what I could tell by Spebby’s initial explanation of it (we we’re in a discord call like eight hours ago, so it might be cloudy) you want to have it as it’s own prefab called “Triggers”.

could you guide me via discord then? I am not that familiar with this part of unity

how can you make this

work in unity without yelling about error CS1644?

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