Cake Day

Hey guys, so did you know that today is the Forum’s 2 year birthday today? You guys should congratulate it on being 2 years old, man.


2 years too many


Isn’t it tomorrow?

happy cakeday to this entire list of 62 people on the 2nd of August

also happy cakeday to Nelson and his majestic forum in his timezone


Says August 1st for me.

what is going on

Forum Anniversary

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Happy forum anniversary

Were all forgeting about the true cakeday


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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

How do i see my cake day?

On your profile. “Joined” date:image


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am i a joke to you :cake:

Day 1 cool kids anniversary

Well then, Happy Cake day to all of you who joined on day one :cake:

Late to the party, but :tada: happy cake day for the forums!

ignore me I’m just a day 2 peasant


I just realized that @discobot doesn’t have the slice of cake : /

for once he didnt say anything

Day 2 is the supreme day. Long live the 3rd of August.