Caliber Options?

Why can’t we just have an option to use low or high caliber when using our LMGs and other heavy weapons? (Low cal not being for raiding and high cal the opposite) I would like to see all LMGs have a use in PVP rather than just a few groups. I also think that if Nelson is starting to nerf raiding, then why isn’t the HMG back to high caliber ammo?

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Since low cal is so common, raiding has been to easy. Just deal with it being high cal.

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Does the game support this? I completely forget.

I don’t recall the game having it. But I would like to see if it could.

If the suggestion is for the game to recognize two different ammunition sources as two different bullet types, then no. It doesn’t. For U4, yes, but not U3.

At best, LMGs could have a separate magazine that allows for that. Magazines cannot, however, differentiate between the bullets being put into them.


Alright, Thanks for the calcification!

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IKR HMG is broken!