California Balance Update

What do you guys think? The goal of new update was to set up a balance (for instance, nerfing PDW and Maplestrike), enhance visuals and details for some locations, and add a little bit of content for those who’s still playing the map and waiting for more global California Huge update.
Legacy California will still get other updates. Stay tuned.

UPD. Other changes I didn’t mention.
“Hello everyone, map got big balancing update, featuring some new item improvements, coupe locations redesign, fair item spawn system and finally Horde Beacon available! Thanks to everyone who played and still playing this map, and want ask sorry for keeping silence for this long time!!!” - clue


i think from just the trailer it looks great! im also using california assets in my map. it has some really nice objects that the game could use

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Very nice.

Hm any feedback?

just want to revive this topic kinda, maybe this thread will go further

Can they balance the amount of wildfires occurring

Maybe decrease the amount of shit and meth needles in the street

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