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Yo what’s up guys, it’s me Chester Molester! Sorry for the typo, my editor’s made a mistake.
I’m going to be your host & journalist today, bringing up extra protection in our tours today!

And here’s my assistant, the Mercenary!
He’ll be helping me conduct this tour & add another layer of protection from some Californian baddies.

And today we are going to vlog our tour around California& review it!


First of all, let’s take a good gala at Costa Mesa, a well-known shopping mall in California.

As you can see, the mall is greatly structured, with a very beautiful statue in the middle!
The mall has a lot of attention to locals & is considered the best location in the area to do a shopping spree! The food here is also great & additionally, there’s a helicopter exhibit that is the main attraction inside the mall.

Overall, a good place Would recommend visiting!


Next, we visit one of the best Motels that ever opened! Chester Motel!

It’s a very comfortable place to live in & quite convenient too thanks to the nearby Diner restaurant & a gas station! It’s also founded by my grandfather, Hector Molester, who had been running the business for our bloodline. Hence our riches today & how I got to do tourism & journalism for you all.

This place, I recommend 10/10 Motel for all to be in.


Now lets head over to the Gonzales Estate.

This is a home owned by the Gonzales family, who are very wealthy in California! Thankfully they allowed us to visit the place, tour for a while & not get shot at first sight haha! Californians are nice people! Like most rich people, they own what most rich people own They have vintage cars, a luxurious pool, a wine cellar, an expensive painting, & more!

In conclusion, a great place to live in when you are rich around the neighborhood!


Now for our next stop, let’s take a good tour around Monterey!

Monterey’s a great place to spend time with your friends, family, whatsoever. It also has a bay for you & them to enjoy visiting It’s great for hangouts, galas, honeymoons, you know it. It also houses the best Hunting Store you’ll ever need for your poaching needs!

Winner winner chicken dinner!

And most of all, it has a nightclub! A NIGHTCLUB! This is great for your friends to be in, have lots of fun & hook up with some new people & girls! Wowee oh I sure am going there, you guys can come too! Like seriously, you’re gonna have a great time here!

And that’s also the same to say for Monterey. I recommend you guys to visit it, it’s gonna change your experience!


And for our last location to tour in & that’s Calabasas.

It’s the biggest tour we’ll have around But like most cities, it’s great! Most of the time you can spend your time with friends & family but you’ll be able to taste the absurd variety of foods! It’s also a great place for exploring, talk about a walk in the whole neighborhood wow!

Calabasas, a great place Trust me, you’ll see a lot happening here!

That’s all for today’s tour!

Before you go, make sure to visit the channel, hit that like button, & for the love of Nelson subscribe so that you can see more of my vlogs in the upcoming future!

This is it for today folks from your host & journalist, Chester Molester.
And see you in the next best places to take a tour in!
Goodbye & have a good day!

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where the fuck is san fransisco

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Chester Molester…

Yeah, that sounds like the name of a serial predator. That name gives off terrible vibes. I wouldn’t trust Chester alone.




Thank you very much kind reader, I fired my editor for the better job you did.
-Chester Molester


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