Call for peace

Recently (in particular, the last year) a lot of events have been happening in the community that have a bad effect on the game community (and perhaps even development), a lot of ideological and political differences. Over the past 3 months, these events have grown into an absolute, which caused huge damage to the community and some of its individual members. Looking at all this mess, I have drawn conclusions and I want to say: war shows people from the worst possible side. So despite all the political and ideological differences - we must unite. We are community, regardless of nationality, gender preferences and ideology. No matter what gender or political views a person has, the main thing is that he behaves like a good person and respects others.
To be honest, I also did a lot of bad things for which I would like to apologize to everyone I could offend in this senseless ideological confrontation. But perhaps instead of supporting a certain group of people, we should maintain a good relationship between groups of people and members of the community as a whole.
(Upd. : I urge both sides to be as loyal as possible to each other (or at least as “we don’t interfere with you - you don’t interfere with us”): Russians towards Ukrainians and the West, heterosexuals towards LGBT people, be human!! I really didn’t wish anyone anything bad, and if I accidentally offended someone, it was because of my own stupidity, I write this all out of good intentions)


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