Was working on a map when I thought how awesome it would be to have a camcorder as an item in unturned!
You could do the most obvious things with it, i.e taking pics and recording videos, which could be saved to some gallery in the menu. Other than that, the camcorder could require batteries(also a new item that goes with other items such as flashlight) to work and have other functions too, like Nightvision mode, zoom in and out, maybe a mic to eavesdrop with? Outlast feels yk.

Idk which category this should be written under, 3.x or 4.x i mean it does seem ‘okay’ enough to be done in 3.x so


Why would you use that if you can just screenshot.

It’d be interesting to see this in game, I don’t know how useful it would be but it’s a intriguing idea.

A maybe epic rarity civilian item. Uses batteries for the ability to have a handheld night vision, a ability to listen in to noises in the distance, possibly a built in light. It’d be like a multi-tool for items you may not have yet, like night-vision.
I don’t know how useful the screenshotting ability would be, but maybe it could have it’s own in-game server gallery. You could take pictures of someone’s base and they’d go into the gallery. You have the option of uploading them onto Steam, or you could delete them.



screenshots and gallery are different things…

I never said they weren’t. I just said that a “camcorder” would be useless with screenshot. Don’t take my words out of context.

Camcorder has so many other uses, the picture clicking is one of them, i mean its a camera why wouldnt you be able to click pictures? Think of it this way.

You wanna take a picture of a criminal’s license plate in a rp server, you click it with a camcorder, it saves to the gallery(which could either be accessed through main menu or just stored in the camcorder itself).
Personally, i wouldnt take a screenshot for something of so little magnitude like a license plate.

In other words, its highly optional what you want to do…

You just repeated what you just said… That’s not another use.

This idea needs a bit of reworking.

Instead of having a “gallery” in the main menu, the photos should be able to be accessed through the camera itself. For roleplay situations, players are able to show the photos to other players. Photos can be seen when you right click on the camera and select “See Photos.”

Also, instead of taking a screenshot, the camera will take a picture through another camera which is placed at the lens. The camera will work like a scope when taking a picture.


Yeah, this is what I was thinking about. Having something like the Gmod camera wouldn’t really bring anything into the game.

Tho this can be useful in admin or staff situation for example a person saw you do something bad you get record and you get kick/Ban.

There is a spy command.

The spy command cannot be use for before action it use for after action.
And camcorder is good for other and can solve problem easily.

Ok, then why do the admins need a rare item just to see what happened.

Yea evidence is useful and camcorder are the evidence.

I don’t think admins should have to use a item in order to moderate. They can already use the spy command, anyone can use screenshot. The camcorder would basically just be a second way of screenshotting, but it wouldn’t be as reliable because it’s an item.

Y’all are just looking at the secondary benefits/cons that come along with the addition of this thing… Focus on the main item please. The help it provides in moderation and the screenshot vs gallery are just minor second choices…

Looking at the main functions, the nightvision feature seems to be a tad OP, unless of course it was something more towards Civilian Nightvision right now.

The zooming in and out would be nice, basically makes the Camcorder a powered Binoculars. I don’t think a long range mic would fit Unturned, though. Overall I think while the idea is interesting it’s not really needed as the game is.

I think the nightvision feature would be pretty low quality, even less of that than civilian. Mainly due to it being a camera and not specifically designed goggles.

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Yeah, it could be green colored and all like the military NVGs, but maybe more pixelated or another shade of green with low exposure/ harder to see? It would really be cool to see someone who doesn’t have flashlights/nvgs use camcorders to see in the night. If it sounds OP, the camcorder will have a red colored blinking light on the front when in hands, thus compromising the position of the holder if seen.

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