Cameras In Unturned II

I think that cameras should be a thing in Unturned II because it would be easier to tell if someone is raiding you or if someone is outside of your base. I think they could be controlled by a monitor and a remote to switch which camera it is on. It might take power to use them but it possibly would be worth the cost.

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How would u made those cameras? U would craft them? … I think it could be possible to make a Camera from scrap or maybe find a completly operative camera after the apocalypse but, it is just so unreal, it would be a lot of trouble to set where the cameras can or cannot be. U can set 10 cameras on a military base and camp on a room with a monitor? it is just unreal.

Maybe a sensor or tripwire that sends you a message on something could be more reasonable than cameras.


It would take power so you would need a bunch of power to actually camp and also if somebody is raiding they could just break the cameras.

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