Camos n' Camo's


Could I trouble you to possibly make something based on this?



I’ll see, I’ll make the camo a light MVD TTsKo. Not sure about how I’ll manage to make the vest, I think I’ll go more for the CS-3B armor set, since it kinda looks like a regular LBV.
I’ll still keep the shoulder stuff tho

I’ll base it off this, since it’s cooler than the regular one.

It’s really just to show the camo more


My apologies, I gave you the original concept of the CS-3a, which has that weird tactical apron thingy.

The version in-game might be significantly easier to make.



The reason why I like the A variant more than the B is because of the hood and mask, for the second variant the steel helmet doesn’t really go well with that gas mask and the massive shin guards don’t help either.


In addition, could you model a hoodie with this type of pattern, I have one of these and it’s my favorite jacket. Thanks in advance.



Too bad you replied too late, I was already done with the textures by then, but here it is.

Also, I can’t neither make a hood (I don’t have the model, nor does it have a proper UV map), and I can’t make that pattern since it’s not a real camo made for real use. Are you sure that the hoodie you have has this exact pattern?


There is a Mossy Oak variant of the hoodie (it’s an UnderArmour)


could you make like, skull mask? like this one, or your own design


where can i download this?


up your ass and too left