Camos n' Camo's


For a while now I’ve been making an expansive catalogue of almost vanilla styled camouflage textures, of course all based on real ones and custom, to use on clothing, and here are some examples of what clothing using them could look like:

Soviet 1980’s TTsKo “Butan” camo on an Afghanka set base

French Central European Camo

Rhodesian Brushstroke camo on a Madagascar-Zimbabwe Border uniform

this is a real camo I swear

Also can I just say that low FOV is a godsend for pics


Hey, that’s pretty good


Shit I still have to get around to uploading that. Unity 2017 struggles are real

for the oblivious

tgydk more like tgydank


Somebody said zimbabwe?


tmw you steal a meme from the creator, edit it, and use it on the creator himself in a post that’s literally about the clothing the meme came from



I really like that France one, it seems to match the artstyle while still looking better than a single generic color like vanilla mil gear.


Zimbawe is not a nation, it is merely a communist experiment


Those legs do


hol up are you the dude who made that russian clothing mod with the afghankas and stuff



(10 words)


offtopic but do you mind if i use it to spawn on a custom map? i suck at making clothing


I hope we will see such kinds of camo in Unturned II and not stupid camo like current one .


Stupid camo, like ghilie suits? But ghilie exists in real life. Unless you mean the military clothes, but they’re not supposed to be camo, they’re just meant to be normal military fatigues and clothing, not camouflage.


Actual camo patterning has been planned, confirmed, implemented, and publicly shown off.


Hope the new camo patterns are same as their real life counterpart :smiley:


These are pretty fun to make, so I made more.
Instead of real stuff, I took some creative liberties to come out of standard military looks.

Coaltion Navy Guardsman in HydroPattern

Rockwell PMC Shock Troop in Emergency Camo

Close Contact Security PMC Guard wearing Ambush pants

No Alert Corps Guard in Grasslands Rock


woah, these are way more badass than the previous one
nice work, man


rip Factions on Massachusetts

These camos look pretty cool, would love to see proper vests and helmets to go along with them.


It’s always more badass when you make up gear =P

I wish I had the skills for making some or that Nelson had the forethought of making vest models logical
Well, at least some of my camos have made their way into proper models, props to Mailman:

(The bottom one is supposed to have more tan, but he hasn’t sent me the updated looks)


I like the Shock Troop the best.