Can i gat acces for Unturned II if my main account got hacked and im start with new account?


So, if my main account with 3k+ hours got hacked and i have only 780 on my main now, i can get acces for Unturned II?

I would suggest trying to recover your hacked account with the help of Steam support. In my experience, they are quite helpful.


The only way to get access to Unturned II is by meeting the current hour requirement. Other accounts you’ve played on don’t get in consideration as hours can’t get passed. You’ll have to wait for the requirement to get lowered, reach the current one or attempt to recover your other account.

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Steam are extremely good at recovering accounts. Just follow their instructions and all you’ll need to do, is show them a receipt of a purchase you’ve made. They always send a copy of your receipt to the email you registered with. After that, they’ll email you a new password and then you can change that accordingly. And get 2-Step Authentication.

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Email hacked, account link changed, so i can’t.

I have been waiting for a response from those Steam support near 3 months, idk how.
Now i don’t know even name of my account.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been trying to reach support for 3 months but to no avail.

Something similar happened to a friend of mine where his account got hijacked and he subsequently found himself in a pickle since:
-He was a free to play account so he has no proof of credit or debit card usage.

-He only ever used gift cards to acquire paid games and has no proof of purchase for these games.

-The rest of his paid games were sent to him as Steam gifts.

The way he proved the ownership of his account is by giving Steam support his login name (don’t give password, obviously), moreover he told support that one of his games (CS:GO) was sent to him by a friend, whereupon he provided the date on which the gift was sent as well as the name of the sender (it was a friend of his) since you can check your gift history, which he asked his friend to do for him. Finally, he provided screenshot proof of the website on which he tried to login and was hijacked.

Again, and as has been stated by others in this topic, Steam support are very helpful at recovering hijacked accounts.

Best of luck Steelze.


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