Can I remove auto-generated culling volumes?

I have a few questions about the culling volumes:
1. Can I remove the auto-generated culling volume from object?
I have some problems with them. Sometimes they are generated in a very strange way

Last floor, so far not critical.

Apparently it works like:
Taking object bounds, subtracting .25 meters at the edges, and about 5 meters above, and in the case of “vanilla-styled” structures this works pretty well, but

it doesn’t works well with freeformed, angular and unusual models.
Sometimes, when the object has no “outer faces” (element of an underground tunnel or something like this), the volume turns into a ~.5 cube at the zero coordinates of the model. I used to have this but now there are no volumes at this place at all.
2. Is it planned to be able to edit them (in unity prefab or in the editor)?
3. How it works
I have a large underground complex, it seems like it has a correctly generated volume (along the edges of the model, despite the fact that the edges do not look outward),

but this happens.
From the top of this room, models are perfectly loaded, but as soon as you go down, they immediately disappear.

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Assuming I understand your question correctly, this information from the official documentation should be relevant:

If you know your asset should never be managed by culling volumes you can add this line to the .dat file:
Exclude_From_Culling_Volumes true
For example, the aerospace facility on Germany is excluded so that the manually placed culling volumes can hide large objects like shipping containers without accidentally hiding the giant structure. Note: volumes owned by objects automatically exclude their owner object.


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