Can people create modules for their curated maps?

Just wondering, it would be cool if someone made something like when you die and you are not shot in the head, you become a zombie

As easy as it sounds to add into the game, that would require pretty much overhauling the way zombies work in 3.x.

While I’m sure people create modules for workshop maps, I am not sure about this one in particular.

inb4 fodo responds

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cease ur exist @calamari

ok so
I dev a map for Unturned, and the truth is that:

1- IDK for sure but modules aren’t really a curated thing (haven’t seen any modules at all ever since they were officially released)

2- this was suggested a lot and there’s not much point imo, Nelson is taking his time in II and likely won’t add that.

Frodo still hasn’t responded.

I have an idea about that, if there was an animal that looked like a zombie, it can go everywhere. It couldn’t use navigation but it surely would look like a zombie