Can we add motion blur back to the game?

Large maps and tons of mods are very unfriendly for low spec machines, motion blur makes game feel better at low frame rate, so why not add motion blur?
Sorry for bad English

Ideal situation: Adding motion blur as a toggleable option (off by default), adding ability to adjust motion blur strength.
Maybe even hide motion blur option in Preferences.json so people that don’t know how motion blur works won’t accidently enable it.

Thanks to eafxd and DeusExMachina for mentioning this should be a toggleable option.


Our bad computers can’t run the game well. Add motion blur so they can strain more and make the game look uglier?

I find this confusing, because you’re talking about compensation for low-end computers while you’re suggesting adding something that will further destroy their pitiful HP 2005 laptop.


Yes,motion blur isn’t always that good,but it really helps me feel smoother in other games at 20-40 frame rate

Maybe i need change a word ,because i dont know how low can you go
Lets say “mid range computers” that able to run the game at 30fps

motion blur just makes the game look bad. It makes every game look bad. I have a shitty computer but I always turn motion blur off whenever I get games, it just looks… blurry.

Yes for only 3.99 a month

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I say give players the option to enable it.
I persoanlly would not enable it (or turn it pretty much all the way donw) but hey, you do you.


Yeah,I mean that too.Motion blur was a option in early 3.0 versions, just didn’t have option to adjust motion blur strength.It was removed for some reason.

Borrow someone’s word,
“Motion blur isn’t totally useless, it just too depend on use cases”
For me, a PVE player who willing lose performance for graphic quality even I had a weak spec.
I turn every setting to max, the game is just unplayable because low frame rate and high frame time(btw I’m used to 144hz display, so I can easily tell the stutter without focus on game).
With motion blur enabled, I find the stutter less annoying.
Of course the stutter still exist or even getting worse, it just look a bit smoother overall.

Anyone who can’t realize that their computer isn’t made to run maximum settings shouldn’t be complaining about how the game is stuttering. Some games can pull off motion blur fairly well but it’d be Nelson’s decision to consider putting in the time for a feature that many people will not use.


why are people so hostile against the idea of adding motion blur back? it can be added as a toogleable option (off by default) because apparently some people like it. there would be no harm in adding it as a toggleable option

this makes literally zero sense, what do you mean

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I mean that if you have a shitty computer, don’t bother running max settings. It makes perfect sense to most people. Motion blur won’t harm anyone in the end but it doesn’t really come with a benefit.

I agree adding motion blur as a new feature probably won’t benefit the game, It is so hated that I never heard any person asked any game for it, and motion blur isn’t true and perfect solution to having a shitty computer.
But as long as we don’t crash the game, it’s free to enable any setting. I heard many people wanted their game look prettier but find out it’s too laggy, so why not give a chance for these people finding it’s quite playable at max setting with motion blur?

Motion blur is just a personalisation setting for those who like it. The same reason why there’s a film grain setting

There’s nothing performance-related about it (It doesn’t improve your frames, more likely the opposite), so it’s not a miracle solution to potatoes.

It’s up to the developer’s choice if he wants it back (I don’t remember it existing but yeah).


motion blur is only really good for cinematic things like youtube videos. it’s not really too good for gameplay though. generally, i don’t care because motion blur is annoying and it can be edited into videos with quite ease depending on what software you use.

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