Can we bring back backlash(without mods?)

When Greece got removed the Backlash 12g secondary shotgun got removed. Could it be brought back in vanilla unturned? I am asking because I use it on a server in a kit, but the server is vanilla only.
I don’t completely understand how this ‘A map that has a weapon in it adds it to the game’ works, so if there is another way (other than mods) I could get it back please let me know. (No, I do not own the server or know who owns it)
Thank you

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I think the easiest way is to just edit the kit c:

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Except Backlash isn’t in the game anymore…

Basically, this is how the Backlash being added to Greece works:

Maps such as Greece have an additional “Bundles” folder containing their custom content within the main map folder. Contained in the folder are things like objects, guns, etc. By downloading Greece, you get access to the custom content in the Bundles folder, including the Backlash.

Because of this, it’s not possible for you to get the Backlash in your game without installing Greece; simply because the Backlash itself is contained within the Greece folder. And even if you did install Greece, you could not get the Backlash on the server; the server itself has to install Greece for you to be able to use the Backlash on it.

TL;DR: No.


Thank you.
So would it be possible to just grab the files for backlash and just move them into the game’s files? I know this would need done by Nelson, but would it be that easy to add backlash as a vanilla gun?

It would be possible to do that, yes, but due to the fact that Greece was a curated map and that none of the content was created by Nelson, in addition to the fact that it was a planned discontinuation, means that it is very unlikely that he will ever add it back.

If you did it yourself, the effect would be equivalent to installing a mod that adds the backlash back. You would only be able to use it in single-player, and not on any servers.


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