Can we consider Haveing a true hitbox? And player rag doll?

Really what I’m saying is that… When you crawl, your gun and hand won’t poke out the other side if the wall, but rather your arms will crunch up instead (prehaps preventing shooting if enough), or you cannot crawl into a washing machine and say open the lid, jump in, and then close it… Inside you.

This whould fix some nice exploits (plateing vehicles with plates inside you/crate) annoying give always (mentioned gun poking through the wall) and prehaps could even one up some nice “crush” mechanics.

Say, someone jumped out of a vehicle above you and it’s around 2 mph (non-harmful speeds today) and it will actually land on top of you, squashing (and partly ragdolling you) and likely kill you.

Another thing, directly inspired from TABS, is that when your shot/whacked, it actually knocks you around.

Got sniper in the head? Well if your helmet protected you, well you just got laid on the ground (for a possible easy second shot). Got shotgunned from behind and have 5% health? Well your not gonna spin around and 360 noscope him easily like today, because you just faceplanted into the wall in front of you, thus your toast (like RL).

Just I found that to be quite a fun feature, just have it (obviously) not as clunky as TABG.

Anyone with me on any points? Even if it’s a bit far fetched?


This specific thing being quoted has been in Unturned II for many months now. There’s an animation that occurs when you’re too close to a wall, unless a higher priority animation must occur.

The rest of it probably won’t happen. All I can think of is wonky ragdoll physics, and I’d rather just pick a few things out of here instead.

I don’t really want this because I don’t see a need for it, the pain flinches already added are enough imho.

You don’t really ask for this explicitly, but having the helmet/vest only protect you if the actual model of the helmet/vest is hit I’d be cool with.

Usually when people jump out of vehicles they don’t jump into it. That aside, dying (or just being hurt) from diving out of a vehicle I’m fine with.


I quite like ragdolls, maybe it would be possible for Mega zombies to pick up the player and throw them around like, well, ragdolls.


I’d love to see that, or melee recoil from getting hit by other players.

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The ragdolls don’t have to be extravagant, they don’t even have to knock you off your feat.

Say got hit in the chest by a bat, well your head goes down a little, your chest goes back, arms go a little outwards, exa.

Backed into by a car? You fall backwards and ran over even more.

Headshot by a colt? Your head is knocked upwards (depending upon direction) and you recoil backwards in the upper body some.

Just some tame ragdolls at least whould be nice.

Mean… If you shot someone in the knee with a hunting rifle, seeing them slow a moment and stumble with there leg obviously being pushed/shot by something whould add so much to engagements.

Punched someone in the groin? There body reacts. Play golf with heads? There gonna just be about on the ground after a heavy swing.

I have to agree with Molton: animations would probably be better than rag doll physics for a lot of these.

I like the being knocked around aspect to a point, with melee it would work as described but with firearms then there’s the issue of not having a chance, I think a simple aimpunch mechanic would suffice for firearms with the knockback affect with Melee

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