Can we make morphine hallucinogenic?

Very self explained. Yes, it is possible to get high from lab-grade (or hospital grade) morphine. But only if you take it a lot man have you ever tried berries? Those thing can get ye hooked for the first time. Good shit stuffs.

This would at least makes morphine more “interesting” imo.

Edit : Morphine is some strong shit stuff. I mean, you can stop the pain by injected it in your arm even though it’s your legs that’s broken. So I’m expecting to getting high for longer. Even with max immunity skill dude. Sksksksksk.

Also, you can get high from drinking glue anyway. So, I don’t think it was too far fetched either.

Oh yeah, I’m not sure if this should be in #memes or not.

morphine’s around to help

boy you call that a morphine high?

this is some real shit right here

Edited : No, this is.

Also please don’t get off-topic dude.

that’s not a morphine high bro, you havent seen the rest of that guy’s channel

chimp head #owend