Can we talk about Suppressors and Barrels?

Post from steam:
So I finally got around to do some testing on durability for suppressors:

Military suppressors: 34 shots
Ranger Suppressors: 50 shots
Military Muzzles: 50 shots
Ranger Muzzles: 100 shots

Is there anyone that supports the idea that 34 shots for a suppressor is a reasonable amount? I just cant see any possible world where this is reasonable, balanced or fair. People dont use suppressors since the durability update because of this and muzzles has since taken over. They should honestly last for around 300 shots before they need to be repaired (rust (a game where durability of weapons is a key factor) has suppressors that last this long)
I shoot my scalar full mag and its broken
I shoot a bulldog full mag and its broken.
Why and where does this make sense.
I would suggest they have a larger impact on bullet drop and velocity (they currently affect drop minimally) and be balanced around this, and not durability for a measly 34 shots.

These things are OP and should be used ALL the time. Simply because the recoil reduction given by the muzzle is NOT dependant on the durability. The muzzle will still reduce the guns recoil even with 0% dura. This is stupid and makes the suppressor utterly useless in its current state other than day time shooting or zombie prevention.

Why are suppressors so bad in this game and why isnt this balanced properly? Again I am well and truely open to hear peoples opinions who think this is balanced well.
Not only that, but it means that barrels are still barely useful - increasing accuracy is pointless for many guns currently in the game. Some SMGs have low accuracy and therefore can be slightly useful there, however I would still always run a muzzle because youll hit more shots with reduced recoil.
I even prefered it when suppressors were still infinite, it actually made them useful, only barrels needed a buff, the whole durability system did not need to be implemented IMHO.



Supressor is pretty useful tool for the apocalypse scenario game puts itself in but realisticallly with PvP focus of the game it’s obvious muzzle with its recoil reduction is much more useful (even more so with the fact that recoil reduction still works after durability drops to 0% like you mentioned). The idea is good but it just doesn’t work out right with current state of the game.

My take on it would be to remove durability of the muzzles, reduce the recoil reduction effect a bit and remove the ability to hide muzzle flash. This would make the muzzle into just a muzzle brake sort of deal instead of this flash hider/muzzle brake combo it serves currently. Supressors in turn could receive slight recoil reduction, massive increase in durability (which would require changing how durability for those works as barrel attachements with durability of 100+ shots stop durability meter from appearing :confused: (at least from my testing in the past)).
Edit: One thing I forgot which supressors could also receive is hiding the muzzle flash, which realistically make sense and would take that function from muzzle.
I think barrels are fine, they provide significant accuracy boost and allow pretty consistent hipfire with other attachments/skills.

Just my take on it but it’s pretty obvious majority of weapon related stats in 3.0 could use major overhauls.


I like this idea. And I do understand the advantages of it for the zombies however its just so lackluster (even on a survival server, I literally just search for a pdw so i dont have to deal with durability). I just dont like the whole durability concept, especially how poorly it is achieved in its current state. But good to know its not just me


I kind of prefer a durability system mixed with a heat system. Shooting 100 insistanily should make the barrel attachment lose a lot more durability in a faster time.

big brain suppressors

I support this idea given that I also personally believe that PvP dominates the Unturned scene as a focus.

I too have succumb to the meta that is using muzzles on pvp servers for the simple fact that its just good. Even for an experienced player, a reduction in recoil AND 50-100 shots without flash on a zubeknakov helps so damn much its a little broken. Sad how much the muzzle outshines the other two attachments in comparison.

Suppressors have their moments of being used to take out zombies without attracting the entire horde. Can also be used to assassinate stragglers (Players) without the booming gun sounds.

Your proposed changes sound nice.

  • Muzzle nerf + No muzzle flashhider

  • Suppressor buff (Tiny recoil reduction + flash hide)

  • Barrels are pretty cool as is, however it would be super cool if they made the bullets fly faster or do a few more points of damage due to longer gun barrels allowing for more bullet velocity

Thats just me though, thanks for your post man. Its good having you.


That would be nice, but we know that having a heat system as well would be almost impossible to implement (?). So im just suggesting a better durability value for it all.

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