Can you download mods after being banned?

Hello. So, i have been banned from unturned because i cheated, and i just realized after a couple days of being away. Yes, i regret doing it, it was very immature of me, and i accept the ban and all the hate. But I have been told that, when i get banned, i am also completely banned from the workshop (like releasing and downloading workshop content) and i am also completely banned from receiving an unturned 4.0 invitation ticket. Is this correct? I still want to create and try out workshop content. I religiously play singleplayer-only and i don’t want to -and won’t- create another account to evade my ban, so I would be really heartbroken if this was the case. I have searched for an answer to my question but couldn’t really find an answer considering my low internet connection. So i decided to come here and ask my question to see if anyone knows the answer to it.


Edit: My question is answered. Sorry for the trouble i caused. Thank you @MoltonMontro !


sell your wifefor internet connection


where are the questions about bans? the title is misleading


Look, i do really understand the hate. But i am not here for a ban appeal. I know these are not reverseable. I just wanted to know if it was still possible to access workshop.


Oh. If that’s the case, I honestly have no clue. @Moonflower

lemme just get banned I’ll check


I’m a dumbass. I really didn’t ask a question there did i? Lmao thanks for pointing that out. Is what i just mentioned correct?

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Yes. I knew the risks. I did it anyways, and i really am sorry about it, for both ruining people’s fun and being an actual idiot. But i am not here for a ban appeal.


so what for then

ohh thats what your here for

idk i mean i think flodote was banned for something and he got invited

You can still download workshop content.

I suggest using the Steam Knowledge Base for finding most Steam-related information. The only Workshop-related thing that you won’t be able to do is vote/upload on Workshop content.


Closing due to spam. Question was answered. You can still use Workshop mods. I’ve edited the title to better reflect the question OP asked.